How does that saying go? "When in doubt —". Let's ask the internet! The internet says:

When in doubt, don't
When in doubt, have friends over for dinner
When in Doubt... Roast
When in doubt, eat potatoes?
When in doubt, eat a cupcake
When in Doubt, Add Butter
When In Doubt, Add More Salt
When In Doubt, Use Parsley
When in Doubt, Leave it Out
When in Doubt, Open Your Mouth
When in doubt, wink, peace and pout
When in Doubt, Make Belief
When in Doubt, Register for Disaster Assistance
When In Doubt, Obliviate
When In Doubt, Wear Purple
When In Doubt, Wear Red
When in doubt, disaggregate
When in Doubt, Use Proxies
when in doubt, use Caslon
When in doubt, reboot?
When In Doubt, Simplify
When in Doubt, Think
When in Doubt, Read!
When In Doubt, Swab
When in Doubt, Seduce
When in doubt, suck
When In Doubt, Sing
When In Doubt, Swing
When in Doubt, Spend
When in doubt, shout
When In Doubt, Mumble
When in doubt, dither
When in doubt, look intelligent
When in doubt, just twirl
When in doubt, just hire a lobbyist
When In Doubt, Tell the Truth
When in Doubt, Smear the Dead Kid
When in Doubt, Bank on Love
When in doubt.... throw penguins
When in doubt, throw it out
When in Doubt, Cut It Out
When in Doubt, Spit It Out
when in doubt, whip it out
When In Doubt, Flop It Out
When in doubt, hug it out
When In Doubt, Fuck It
When In Doubt, Peel Out
When in Doubt: Get out
When in doubt, ROCK OUT!
When In Doubt, Recycle
When In Doubt, Don't "Toss It Out"
When in Doubt...Take them Out!
When in Doubt, Spin It Out
When in doubt, pinky out
When in doubt, work out!
When In Doubt, Keep Pedaling
When in Doubt, Step on the Gas
When in Doubt, Put It in Flacourtiaceae
When in Doubt, Just Add a Million
When in Doubt... Leave it at 350
When in doubt, go higher
When in Doubt, Go for a Handshake
When in doubt, go with your gut
When in doubt, punt
When in Doubt, Insure
When In Doubt... Pray!
When In Doubt, Do Right
When in doubt, blame the Nargles
When in Doubt, Blame the Singer's Girlfriend
When in doubt, blame the Tea Party!
When In Doubt, Blame Obama
When in Doubt, Blame Congress
When In Doubt, Blame The Media
When in doubt, there's always Islamophobia
When in Doubt, Fire the Manager
When In Doubt, Ask a Pats Fan!
When in Doubt, Check Him Out
When In Doubt, Make It Public
When in doubt, tell the truth
When In Doubt, Shoot
when in doubt, shoot first, compose later
When in Doubt, Send Plain Text Email, Not Fancy HTML
When in Doubt, Breathe Deeply
When in doubt, go left!
When In Doubt, Have Joseph Gordon-Levitt Take His Shirt Off
When in doubt, take a sack
When in doubt, go to the library
When In Doubt, Map It
When In Doubt, Cite It
When in doubt, GOOGLE that shit